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Philips HB4 Blue Vision Pair (Two bulbs per pack) 

These popular and very effective upgrade bulbs provide up to 30% more light on the road, and produces white light with a slight blue tint which burn at 4000k giving a light which is much closer to natural daylight, making these bulbs a great combination of both style and vision.

These BlueVision bulbs not only gives you the sylish look of brilliant white daylight, but also makes driving at night more pleasurable, as drivers are less tired and able to better anticipate all driving challenges.

The Phillips Bluevision range are the ideal upgrade that replicates the xenon HID High Intensity Gas Discharge System and has a slight tint of blue.

Made out of Philips UV quartz glass that provides more light on the road and the highest level of resistance to risks of explosion, vibrations and extremes of temperature.

They give you

  • Up to 30% more light on the road
  • Bright white light with a blue tint
  • Quartz glass construction - safe to use with plastic lenses
  • Fully 'E' Marked EC37 and road legal
  • 4000 kelvin
  • 12v 51w
51 watts
Price: £19.99

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