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Osram H4 Night Breaker Unlimited

Osram H4 Night Breaker Unlimited

Osram H4 night breaker unlimited pair (2 bulbs per pack)

These are maximum performance bulbs which are particularly attractive for the saftey conscious drivers and people looking for more light on the road

The night breaker unlimited has a patented blue ring coating for less reflective glare and more light production thanks to optimized inert filling gas formula and high resilience due to the robst coil design The strong luminance and the light colour are the crucial differences to standard lamps as the lengthened light cone illuminates dangers and obstacles earlier for additional reaction time that could save lives

They are road legal in UK and Europe and worldwide and are EC37 approved

  • upto 110% more light
  • upto 20%more whiter light
  • upto 40m longer beam
  • 12v 60/55w
55 watts
Price: £19.99

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