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Philips HB4 / 9006 Diamond Vision pair (2bulbs per pack)

Philips HB4 Diamond Vision 5000 Kelvin This is for a pair of HB4 Philips Diamond Vision which give a very good intense white/Blue light due to the deep blue coating, it has a blue cap on the end of the bulb to help with the look when your bulbs are on or off, it is 12 volt 55 watts which is the same as a standard HB4 Halogen bulbs so is a straight swap over with your existing H1 bulbs, made in germany and of OE quality. 

Philips Diamond Vision HB4 5000K Xenon/HID effect

The 5000K Xenon HID Effect bulb

They give you

  • 5000k light output which is a distinctive blue light
  • Blue bulb which gives a good reflection even when turned off
  • Same consumption as standard halogen
  • Quartz glass which is safe to use with plastic lenses
  • German made original eguipment (OE) quality
  • 12v 55W sold as a pair

Note: this product is NOT legal for road use in the EU. 

Standard halogen bulbs produce yellow light at 3200K. Xenon HID technology produces white light at 4200K. The color temperature for bluish white light is 5000K 

55 watts
Price: £33.99

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